Physical Training: Armoured Advent Calendar

As the temperatures start to plummet our training shouldn’t, so throughout December (and just as Christmas leave strikes), armour up and make the cold the challenge not the excuse this month.

As a digital focussed fitness initiative to help keep soldier athletes (regular and reserve) firmly on the fitness wagon this December, a functional fitness advent calendar has been created to get involved with.

Utilising Instagram stories, the following days workout will be introduced and updated on the advent calendar below. Each Armoured workout can be carried out individually or part of a group and uses only basic gym equipment making it inclusive whilst still being effective.

As we, soldier athletes become more digitally engaged, each workout is saveable and shareable straight to your phone, so fire them across to your training partners or challenge individuals across the UK or deployed overseas.

Functional Workouts

Arming soldier athletes world-wide, each workout delivers on specific training objectives and features a variety of functional exercises across all movement patterns. From moderate to heavy lifts, explosive sprints, plyometrics, core work, running, flexibility, swimming and gymnastics skills no area will be left unchecked. The targeted Armoured workouts incorporates a structured, easy to follow format using standard gym equipment that hones a soldier athletes mental edge as well as their physical capabilities.


Armoured Advent Calendar

December 1st Workout

Armoured WOD 1

Intel: starting the calendar off with an explosion of all round effort, this 45min individual or group WOD is an all-body workout.

Conduct a 10min warm-up and cool-down within the hour. Take a 1 min rest break after every completed round.

Equipment required is a set of dumbbells and a gym mat.


December 2nd Workout

Intel: in as many rounds as possible (AMRAP) complete 20 reps of each exercise consecutively in 30 minutes. Keep a tally of your completed rounds and challenge a mate to better your score.

Equipment needed is a weighted medicine ball, gym mat and box jump or raised platform suitable for jumping on.


December 3rd Workout

Intel: hate it or love it, this Armoured workout is all about working your tanks engine. Choose between a 10km run or a multi-stage fitness test. Make a note of your run time/ level reached.

Equipment required for the multi-stage fitness test is a 20 metre marked out distance and bleep test app (free apps available).


December 4th Workout

Intel: prepare to feel the burn in your abdominals and complete 3 rounds of each core exercise. Take a 1 minute rest after each completed round.

Equipment required for this workout is a gym mat. For an extra challenge incorporate a weighted plate or dumbbell.


December 5th Workout


December 6th Workout


December 7th Workout


December 8th Workout


December 9th Workout


December 10th WOD


December 11th WOD



December 12th Workout


December 13th Workout



December 14th Workout



December 15th Workout


Intel: grab a gym mat, lie on your back with your upper torso slightly upwards supported by your arms (as if you were looking down past your feet).

Complete each round unbroken rolling straight into each exercise. Don’t let your feet touch the floor until the final plank - if you do you start the full round again. Rest for 1 minute after each completed round.


December 16th Workout


Intel: all that’s required for this workout is a hall or outdoor space around 25 metres in length. Perform 4 shuttle runs after each completed exercise.


December 17th Workout



December 18th Workout



December 19th Workout



December 20th Workout


December 21st Workout


December 22nd Workout

Intel: complete the first exercise then the second. Before moving onto the next exercise start back at exercise one then carry 1,2,3 out simultaneously until you reach the 12th exercise. The format is as follows; 1,2-1,2,3-1,2,3,4-1,2,3,4,5...


December 23rd Workout


December 24th Workout


December 25th Workout


Get Involved

Comment below with your scores or share a WOD or exercises you'd like to see incorporated into the Armoured calendar.

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